IHSA Online Spring Showcase
Horsemanship Challenge

There is no entry fee for this class.

Test your horsemanship knowledge! Students will video the answers to both Horsemanship Challenge questions and submit directly to IHSA National Secretary, Cricket Stone Morris via email here. Entries will be accepted March 22-31, 2021.

Videos may be no longer than 3 minutes total.

  1. Your school is hosting an IHSA show and you’ve been asked to get Bart the Biter ready for schooling. You go to Bart’s stall and see that he is standing with his right fore in front of him and putting very little weight on that foot. What do you think is wrong? What do you do? Will Bart be able to show? 


  2. You are assigned to take care of Wanda the Wonder Horse all day. Wanda suffers from Anhidrosis. What do you need to do to be sure she stays healthy throughout the day? What symptoms do you need to watch for to be sure she stays healthy? What should you do if you think she’s not recovering properly from a ride?