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The leadership of the Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association is now accepting nominations for the second class of inductees into the IHSA Hall of Fame. 


IHSA Hall of Fame Requirements

2023 Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Hall of Fame candidates include people, horses and teams.

Criteria for selection includes:

  • outstanding competitive achievement
  • exceptional contributions to the IHSA
  • success or significant impact in equestrian sport or the equestrian industry
  • other industry awards or honors



“We are so proud to announce this first group of inductees into the IHSA Hall of Fame," said Peter Cashman, IHSA executive director. "We honor these legendary leaders for the impact they’ve had on collegiate and mainstream equestrian sports and for the good of the industry.”





Robert E. 'Bob' Cacchione

Bob Cacchione, from Harrison, New York, and now Fairfield, Connecticut, founded the IHSA, the first official collegiate riding and competition organization, in 1967. With many as 250,000 men and women that have participated in the IHSA, he has made a profound impact on the equestrian world.


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John H. 'Jack' Fritz


Jack Fritz was originally from Rockford, Illinois, and later from Gladstone, New Jersey. Fritz was the equestrian coach of Fairleigh Dickinson Madison, one of two inaugural teams that competed at the first IHSA horse show in 1967.


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Sally Batton

Sally Batton, from Canton, Ohio, coached and taught at Centenary University before accepting the position as head coach of the Dartmouth College Equestrian Team. Batton coached the Dartmouth team for 29 seasons and has coached at the collegiate level for 35 years.


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Cindy Ford

Originally from Albany, New York, Cindy Ford coached at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs from 1988-2019. She is the winningest coach in the IHSA, earning eight IHSA Team national championships.


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Elizabeth 'Beezie' Madden

Beezie Madden, originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was the 1984 IHSA Cacchione Cup winner as a member of the Southern Seminary team. She launched her grand prix show jumping career in 1985. She was the first woman to achieve $1 million in earnings in show jumping.

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Cindy Morehead


Cindy Morehead, from Milford, New Hampshire, joined the Findlay University equestrian program upon its inception in 1977 and served as the IHSA team coach from 2005-2017. Morehead led the Findlay Western team to four national titles (2005, 2007, 2009, 2010).


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J.T. Tallon



Born in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, and later moved to Lexington, Virginia, J.T. Tallon coached the Southern Seminary and Randolph Macon Women’s College teams. With his leadership, he held the longest winning streak in IHSA history.


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Clifford the Big Red Horse


For 14 years, Clifford has been an IHSA star representing Cornell University as an athlete, a teacher, and an institution. For the Cornell University Equestrian Team coaching staff, Clifford is more than just another horse: he is a colleague.



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