Discounts and special pricing for IHSA members



Eastern Hay is a premier hay distributor offering the highest quality hay cuts in the nation. The leadership prides itself on dependability, quality and trust. The IHSA has partnered with Eastern Hay to provide all IHSA teams, members, and facilities the opportunity to purchase high-quality hay from one of the country's best suppliers.

With the IHSA Sponsorship, team coaches and team facility managers can purchase Timothy at $11.00 per bale + Shipping.

Step 1  Click here to order.
Step 2  Enter your team coach member number
Step 3  Select which product and quantity you would like to purchase & select “Request Quote”
Step 4  Eastern Hay will reach out to you directly with a confirmation message or with any additional information they need.



The IHSA has partnered with Samshield to provide any and all IHSA teams, members, and affiliates the opportunity to purchase Samshield Helmets and Gloves from the leader in helmet safety and quality.

With the IHSA Sponsorship, you can purchase Samshield Helmets or Gloves at a 30% discount, regardless of how many you order.

Click here to order.



LM Boots offers a special IHSA program for members under 23 years of age for custom boots at $620. Teams are encouraged to have an LM Boots representative visit for fittings. Click here to contact LM Boots or call (561) 459-1629. Visit LMBoots.com to learn more.




RJ Classics. Classic styling. Perfect fit. Find a retailer offering RJ Classics discount for IHSA members here.