The Western Semi-Finals represent the final step for IHSA Western teams and individuals on their quest to compete at Nationals .The IHSA is proud to have the NRHA as the official sponsor of the Semi-Finals. Three Semi-Finals are held during the third weekend in March; host sites are contracted a year in advance. Regions are assigned to a respective Semi-Final based upon a number of factors, including participation in hosting a Semi-Final, placement in the prior year’s National Championships, and travel-distance concerns.

western semis_alfred_EDIT copy_counting hoofbeats
Western-Semis at Alfred University in 2018. Photo by Counting Hoof Beats.

Semi-Final assignments are announced prior to the start of the competition year. Regions will send their regional champion Western team, plus the top two individuals in each division. Depending upon the level of participation, distribution of alumni qualifiers may be adjusted. From each Semi-Finals, the top four individuals per division and the top three teams will advance to Nationals.

March 21 and 22, 2020

Host sites:

Black Hawk College, Galva, IL - Judges: Kendra Weiss, Lisa Moden

Southern Nazarene University, Bethany, OK- Judge: Lori Gordon

West Virginia University, Reedsville, WV - Judges: Darin Wright, and Debbie Kail


Regions are expected to NOT HIRE judges that will officiate their respective Semi-finals show for any regular or Regional Championship show in this academic season.

Host regions are shown in yellow

Additional horse providers are shown in green

Seeds from 2019 Nationals are shown in parentheses

BOLD type means region does have Alumni; only Alumni Horsemanship will advance to Semis and Nationals this year.  No Alumni Reining in 2020 beyond Regionals.  Alumni Horsemanship may be held at all three Semis this year if the distribution can be kept as even as possible.

ZONE 2Z2R2Z2R3 (8)
Z2R1, Z2R5


Z5R1, Z5R2 (6)

Z6R2 (3), Z6R4
Z6R3Z6R1 (1)
Z7R4Z7R2, Z7R3 (2), Z7R5 (4)Z7R1 
Z8R1 (9), Z8R2
Z8R5 (7)Z8R3, Z8R4 (5)




Alumni distribution to Semi-finals will be finalized in January.  The Western Committee together with the Alumni Director will determine Alumni distribution based on number of competing members to ensure balanced classes at each Semi.  Every effort will be made to disrupt the fewest Alumni possible.


  • Each Region will send top two individuals from each class, including alumni, and the regional champion team
  • If all Western regions are shown, there will be 16 riders per individual class, eight riders per team class at Semi-Finals
  • Regional high-point riders go straight to Nationals, do not compete at Semi-Finals


  • Regional high-point riders go straight to Nationals, do not compete at Semis
  • From each Semi–Finals, top four individuals and top three teams will advance to Nationals
  • Maximum of 12 riders per individual class
  • Nine per team class at Nationals
  • High-Point Rider class excepted
  • Western committee reserves the right to adjust Alumni qualifiers to Nationals


  • All possible care will be taken to maintain equal quality of each show including awards
  • All Semis will be held over two days, with two qualified judges judging both days
  • All riders in each class will ride a pattern on their rail horse after the rail portion of the class is completed
  • Judges may ask riders for additional testing including changing horses after the patterns are run

Questions should be directed to your regional president or to abrzezic@bellsouth.net subject line: Semi-finals


Patterns used at IHSA Western Semi Finals and Nationals will come from this list which is updated prior to Semi-Finals. Please report any problems with pattern instruction or graphics to the IHSA Western Committee.

Beginner Patterns

Intermediate Patterns

2015 Beginner Pattern A

2015 Beginner Pattern B

2015 Beginner Pattern C

2015 Beginner Pattern D

2015 Beginner Pattern E

2016 Beginner Pattern F

2017 Beginner Pattern G

2017 Beginner Pattern H

2017 Beginner Pattern I

2019 Beginner Pattern J

2019 Beginner Pattern K

2019 Beginner Pattern L

2019 Beginner Pattern M

2019 Beginner Pattern N

2015 Intermediate Pattern A

2015 Intermediate Pattern B

2015 Intermediate Pattern C

2017 Intermediate Pattern D

2017 Intermediate Pattern E

2017 Intermediate Pattern G

2017 Intermediate Pattern H

2017 Intermediate Pattern I

2016 Intermediate Pattern J

2016 Intermediate Pattern K

2016 Intermediate Pattern L

2017 Intermediate Pattern M

2019 Intermediate Pattern N

2019 Intermediate Pattern O

2019 Intermediate Pattern P

2019 Intermediate Pattern Q

Novice/Alumni Patterns

Advanced/Open Patterns

2015 Novice/Alumni Pattern A

2017 Novice/Alumni Pattern B

2015 Novice/Alumni Pattern C

2017 Novice/Alumni Pattern D

2017 Novice/Alumni Pattern E

2016 Novice/Alumni Pattern F

2016 Novice/Alumni Pattern G

2017 Novice/Alumni Pattern H

2016 Novice/Alumni Pattern I

2016 Novice/Alumni Pattern J

2016 Novice/Alumni Pattern K

2017 Novice/Alumni Pattern L

2017 Novice/Alumni Pattern M

2019 Novice/Alumni Pattern N

2019 Novice/Alumni Pattern O

2019 Novice/Alumni Pattern Q




2015 Advanced/Open Pattern A

2015 Advanced/Open Pattern B

2015 Advanced/Open Pattern C

2017 Advanced/Open Pattern D

2017 Advanced/Open Pattern E

2015 Advanced/Open Pattern F

2015 Advanced/Open Pattern G

2017 Advanced/Open Pattern H

2015 Advanced/Open Pattern I

2015 Advanced/Open Pattern J

2015 Advanced/Open Pattern K

2017 Advanced/Open Pattern L

2015 Advanced/Open Pattern M

2016 Advanced/Open Pattern Q

2017 Advanced/Open Pattern S

2016 Advanced/Open Pattern T

2017 Advanced/Open Pattern U

2019 Advanced/Open Pattern V

2019 Advanced/Open Pattern W

2019 Advanced/Open Pattern Y

2019 Advanced/Open Pattern Z