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Here is the IHSA 23 24 Rulebook FINAL and its Table of Content .


Rule 9300: Western Reining Patterns

Reining Pattern 1

Reining Pattern 2

Reining Pattern 3

Reining Pattern 4

Reining Pattern 5

Reining Pattern 6

Reining Pattern 7

Reining Pattern 8

Reining Pattern 9

Reining Pattern 10

Alternate Reining Pattern 11 - 2018

Alternate Reining Pattern 12 - 2018

Alternate Reining Pattern 13 - 2018

Alternate Reining Pattern 14 - 2018

Alternate Reining Pattern 15 - 2018

Alternate Reining Pattern 16 - 2018


You may propose changes to the Rulebook by filling out the Rule Change Proposal Form. (Must be received by December 1, 2023)




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