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Nov. 2-22, 2020

Current undergraduate and alumni competing hunter seat and Western members of all levels of the Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association (IHSA) are invited to participate in the IHSA Online Horse Show, powered by and riders should confirm current IHSA membership status with their regional presidents and alumni representatives. Entries are open for the IHSA Online Horse Show from Nov. 2-22, 2020, on Click on Compete and Register and select IHSA Online Horse Show. Upload your videos of the appropriate test, pattern or course. For all the details, download the prize list, download the detailed entry instructions and SCROLL DOWN FOR FAQs.




Do my team and my riders need to be current members of the IHSA to participate?
Yes, in order to participate, your team and rider memberships must be current.  All membership fees and paperwork must be submitted as usual to your Regional President and reflected on the IHSA membership site.

Alumni riders must have a Competing Membership to the Alumni Association. Click here for compete instructions and special discounts for 2020 graduates.

When is the deadline to enter and upload videos to the online horseshow?
Entries may be submitted anytime between Nov. 2 and Nov. 15.

Where do I enter, pay for entries and upload videos?

Entries open on Nov. 2. Individual riders should visit and follow instructions on the site to COMPETE. You will need to register on the site and then choose the IHSA Online Horseshow.  

If you are a coach and wish to enter all of your riders and pay for them together, please follow the instructions for Team Management.  Download the Detailed Instructions on Entering the Horse Show for complete information.

Is my eligibility affected by participating in the online horseshow?
There is no impact on IHSA eligibility. The only exception would be for NEW riders placed in Classes 1 and 11. Please refer to the placement rules in the IHSA Rulebook for specific information.

In what level should I enter?
You must enter at your appropriate IHSA level as per the placement guidelines in the IHSA Rulebook.

Do points earned in the online horse show count?
No. Points earned by riders and teams in the IHSA Online Horseshow do not count towards any regular IHSA postseason competition or rider advancement.

Can I ride my own horse or one of my university’s horses in the video that I submit?

My region is running regular IHSA horse shows. Can I also participate in the online horseshow?
Yes! You may participate in both online and regular IHSA horse shows.

Do I need to wear my show attire?
Yes, appropriate show attire should be worn.

Where should my videographer stand? Can I use a cell phone to shoot the video?
The videographer should stand outside of the ring/arena approximately halfway down the long side. Videos may be shot using a cell phone or video camera.

Where are the patterns and courses for each of the classes?
Complete information about the patterns and courses assigned to each of the classes is available in the prize list and on

When will results be announced?
Results will be announced in early December. Watch for announcements. Ribbons and prizes will be mailed to the winners.

Will there be more IHSA online horse shows?
Depending upon the interest, additional online horse shows may be offered in the spring.

My school is hesitant to join to only participate in online events. Can we apply team membership to next year?
Should your team be unable to participate in any regular IHSA competitions during the 2020/2021 competition year due to COVID-related restrictions, you may roll-over your team membership fee to the 2021/2022 competition year. However, individual and alumni memberships are not eligible to be rolled over.