Submit Your Nominations for the IHSA Hall of Fame by August 15

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IHSA encourages the nomination of exceptional coaches, riders, alumni, founders and horses for induction into the IHSA Hall of Fame. Inductees will exhibit outstanding competitive achievement, honors or contributions to the IHSA, and/or success in the equestrian community. Anyone may nominate candidates for the Hall of Fame (self-nominations are not accepted). Criteria of Eligibility:

•   Inductees must be retired from the IHSA (Emeritus status is acceptable).

•   Each Hall of Fame class will consist of a maximum of Eight Inductees.

•   A nominee may be nominated more than once.

In 2020, the following were inducted into the IHSA Hall of Fame- Robert 'Bob' Cacchione, John H. 'Jack' Fritz, Sally Batton, Cindy Ford, Elizabeth 'Beezie' Madden, Cindy Morehead, J.T. Tallon and Clifford the Big Red Horse.

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Click here to watch the 2020 IHSA Hall of Fame Presentation.