Equestrian Fitness Academy is Now the Official Fitness and Wellness Program of the IHSA

Equestrian Fitness Academy Ifa Simmonds EFA FounderFounder and Owner of Equestrian Fitness Academy, Ifa Simmonds. 

Gladys, Va. – Feb. 6, 2023 – The leadership of the Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association (IHSA) is pleased to announce that the Equestrian Fitness Academy (EFA) is now the “Official Fitness and Wellness Program of the IHSA.”

IFA FIT produces the Equestrian Fitness Academy (EFA), a digital program specializing in health and wellness programs, to improve riders’ physical and mental states. The fitness program focuses on stability, suppleness, strength and stamina. 

Ifa Simmonds, the owner of IFA FIT, started his journey as a fitness trainer at a small gym. In 2014, he met a rider at the gym who was interested in becoming more “fit to ride.” After this client met her goals and started competing again, many other riders reached out to Ifa for equestrian fitness assistance. IFA FIT was born.

“The Equestrian Fitness Academy is pleased to be an official sponsor of the IHSA. Together, we can continue to promote collegiate equestrianism by providing opportunities for young riders who may not otherwise have adequate information or coaching plans to improve their physical performance in and out of the saddle,” said EFA creator Simmonds. “This program helps our young riders build the proper habits and foundation they can take with them into the ring and for the rest of their lives. I look forward to working with more riders, teams and coaches; see you at Nationals!”

Ifa Simmonds IFA Fit EFA Equestrian Fitness Academy

As part of the sponsorship, EFA will provide "Fitness Fridays" posts for IHSA’s social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. Fitness Fridays will promote health, exercise tips and education to improve rider fitness, mindfulness, and ways to strengthen the riders core. No gym membership is required for EFA and all exercises can be done at home, the barn and while traveling. 

EFA offers special rates and bonuses to active IHSA member riders and teams. 

“The IHSA is excited to partner with Ifa Simmonds and EFA to provide the IHSA members a resource for mental health and physical fitness needed for riding,” said IHSA Executive Director Peter Cashman. “We are excited to spread the word to the IHSA members, including coaches, trainers and riders, about the benefits of fitness and mindfulness for riding and competing.”

Simmonds would love to craft Fitness Friday content specific to your needs. Contact him to share more about what you’re interested in seeing on the IHSA social media feed.

  • Coaches, consider where your riders could improve their fitness levels. (Don't worry, you can still do no stirrup work in the saddle.)
  • Riders, consider your fitness routine out of the saddle and look forward to learning how cross-training will positively affect your riding. 
  • How's your team morale and mindset? Everyone deals with nerves, learn how to channel those during competition.

Email Ifa Simmonds for special rates.

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