A Message from the IHSA Executive Director

Hello to all of the IHSA,

I would like to start by thanking each and every one of you for your patience during the past year and a half. We all have gone through this difficult time due to COVID-19, a time that will hopefully be behind us very soon.  

I would also like to thank all of our leaders who have worked so hard to keep
the IHSA operating and safe for all so that by next fall, we will be able to resume doing what we love, competing with our teams. Thank you to our board members and coaches who have sought creative ways to provide opportunities to their students within COVID-related restrictions. Lastly, a tremendous heartfelt thank you to all of our graduating seniors who endured a lost year of showing, their last opportunity to compete as undergraduates.  Bravo to all of them for helping to lead their teams through this time. All of our seniors should feel proud of their accomplishments, whether in or out of the saddle. We wholeheartedly welcome you to return and compete in the Alumni divisions.

It is our hope and goal that by this fall, we are back to busy weekends and long days with our respective regions, looking to qualify on to Regional Finals, Zones and Semi-Finals and a much-missed Nationals. For us to reach this goal, there is a great deal of work and planning to do. That work needs to start now. I ask each of you to help so that we can get back to doing what we all miss and enjoy so much. You, as the membership, need to start planning for the fall. Captains and coaches should work with your schools to determine participation options for the fall semester and ways to engage your students. Regions should work together to set show dates for the coming year. Rest assured that the IHSA will continue to follow all COVID-related guidelines issued by the CDC, states and respective universities and colleges. The health and welfare of our members remain of paramount importance.  

In closing, I would once again thank all of you for your patience and understanding over the last year and a half. I hope to have the opportunity to see many of you in the fall and thank you in person.

With Warm Regards,
Peter Cashman
Executive Director, IHSA