Connor Ashley
SUNY Cobleskill

I recently completed my first year as a member of the SUNY Cobleskill hunter seat team and the IHSA has already changed my life.

My first year in the IHSA has been incredible and I have not only made new friends, but I am honored to say that those people are now considered family to me.

At a SUNY Morrisville show, someone captured an image that depicts the IHSA family at its finest. At this show I received help from an unexpected person, the SUNY Morrisville coach Erin Dunn. My coach, Ray Whelihan, was busy getting our other Walk-Trot riders ready and Coach Dunn assisted me in getting ready for my ride. The horse I rode that day, Rex, is truly one of the most incredible horses I have ever met.

Connor Ashley from SUNY CobleskillConnor Ashley warming up for his ride with the help of SUNY Morrisville coach Erin Dunn.
Photo courtesy of Connor Ashley

Being a member of the IHSA means that I have earned the privilege to ride wonderful horses and meet some of the best people. The IHSA family is very welcoming and always willing to lend a hand to anyone in need.