Alumni Membership

The IHSAA is committed to connecting IHSA graduates, mentoring undergraduate students, offering competition and providing support and sponsorship for the IHSA.  Past members of the IHSA may compete in Alumni classes at IHSA sanctioned horse shows in a region close to where they live.


memory wall 2

A "memory wall" created by former Alumni Director Megan Taylor featured 50 years of intercollegiate participation.

IHSA Alumni

How do I know if I am eligible to compete in IHSA Alumni classes?

If you were a member of the IHSA as an undergraduate student and competed in the IHSA, you are eligible to compete.  Riders must have more than 24 weeks of mounted instruction for Alumni Hunter Seat Equitation on the Flat and Alumni Western Horsemanship. Alumni Hunter Seat Equitation is open to eligible alumni with a degree of skill equivalent to at least IHSA Novice riders and either 1) showed in IHSA Over Fences classes as an undergraduate, or 2)  have had six months of continuous professional training over fences within the past 12 months. 

Do I have to compete in the same region where my college competes?

You represent your college and compete in an IHSA Region close to where you live.  Not all Regions offer Alumni competition.  To learn more about alumni competition in your area, please email

How do I apply for a competing IHSA alumni membership?

Login into your undergraduate account. Make sure to upgrade your membership to Alumni. Click here to join.

Are there other membership opportunities?

Stay tuned for more information about the IHSA Alumni Association and other membership opportunities.  IHSA Alumni are invited to submit their contact information at the IHSA, Inc. website under Alumni Contact List.

Additional questions?

Please contact the National Alumni Director at