The Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association Lifetime Achievement Award began in 1993 to honor members who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, commitment, and exemplary service to the association.


Megan Taylor is the former coach and director of riding at the University of the South and assistant coach of the Goucher College team. She serves as National Director of the IHSA Alumni Association and has been an IHSA board member for double-digit years.
“I have been around the IHSA for nearly my whole life,” Taylor said. “I grew up in a college barn, competed as an undergraduate, coached for 18 years and now serve as the national director of the Alumni Association. Being recognized by people that I love and respect for my role in the IHSA makes this award extra special.”

Megan Taylor_ Photo by EQ Media copy
Megan Taylor in discussions at the IHSA board meeting.

Taylor’s mother was a riding instructor and she rode with Sue Payne, Smith College’s beloved coach, as a junior. She was a member and assistant coach of the IHSA team at Purdue, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. She continues to contribute to the IHSA with enthusiasm.


2017Peggy McElveen
2016Lori Cramer
2015Patte Zumbrun
2014Eddie Federwisch
2013Sally Batton
2012Mary Drueding
2011Cindy Ford
2010Peter Cashman
2009Teresa McDonald
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IHSA Pioneer Award

The Pioneer award serves to recognize those who have been instrumental in the development of college riding programs and intercollegiate riding opportunities. 

Pioneer Award Recipients

2016JT Tallon
2012Peggy McElveen
2011Carole Gerrity
2006Dee Jones
2004Jon Conyers