IHSA Alumni

What is the Alumni Association?
The Alumni Association is comprised of riders who competed on an Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association riding team as an undergraduate, and are continuing their involvement in the IHSA at the Alumni Level. Our mission is to not only offer volunteer & involvement opportunities to Alumni, but to support the IHSA (i.e. hosting a reception at the National Horse Show each May). The Alumni follow the rules of the IHSA (see rulebook posted separately on this website).

Who Can Ride Alumni?
Anyone who rode on an IHSA riding team as an undergraduate may complete in the Alumni Division. Graduate students may also compete as Alumni if they rode on an IHSA riding team as an undergraduate.

Where Can I Ride Alumni?
You can ride representing your undergraduate college in any Region in the country where Alumni classes are offered.

When Are Horse Shows?
Horse shows are held through the fall and spring across the United States. Your Regional Alumni Representative will have a show schedule available for you in early September. To find out who your Regional Alumni Representative is, please contact the National Alumni Director. Show dates for all Regions will also be available in the calendar section of this website.

Why Should I Ride Alumni?
Because you love horses, love to ride, and because you can!! Time and time again riders who are graduating are sad to leave their intercollegiate riding years behind them... but you don't have to! Alumni are an important part of the IHSA... and their support and involvement allow them to give back to the organization that gave them so much during their undergraduate riding years. Regional Alumni Representatives take on the additional responsibility of promoting Alumni within their Regions by volunteering to help at horse shows, sponsoring horse shows and fundraising to benefit the IHSA.

How Do I Apply For Membership?
If you are a new Alumni rider, Click on "Join the IHSA" and then on "Alumni Membership". Make sure you print the form! You'll need to sign it and give it with your money to your Regional Alumni Representative before your first class at your first horse show. A list of the Regional Alumni Reps can be found under "Alumni" in the Site Menu. Once you have submitted your membership to your rep there will be no refunds.

Returning members must login using the username and password selected when you first filled in a membership form on THIS web site (either undergraduate or alumni), click on "My Profile" and follow the directions. If you have forgotten your password, the Alumni Director can look it up if you were already an alumni or your former coach can look it up if you are a new alumni.

What if I don't want to compete, but wish to stay in touch with the IHSA?
We want to stay in touch with you too! Please submit your information to the Alumni Contact List. The IHSA periodically sends out e-newsletters to provide our alumni with news updates about all of our organization’s activities and its members’ accomplishments. In addition, ALL alumni of the IHSA are occasionally offered certain benefits from our corporate sponsors, and this is the best way for us to let you know about these opportunities. If you are still in touch with friends from your team, please ask them to sign up on the Alumni Contact List as well!

Please contact the National Alumni Director, Megan Taylor, via email ( or visit us at