Back on Track Honors Senior Athletic Academic Achievement Awards Winners

IHSA - Nationals 2023 - Senior Academic Athletic Achievment Awards - Sponsored by Back on Track - Credit EQ Media Bob Cacchione and Back on Track CEO and Managing Director James Ruder with the IHSA Senior Athletic Academic Achievement Award Recipients.
Photo by EQ Media

Back on Track Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director James Ruder honored the IHSA Senior Athletic Academic Achievement Award recipients who qualified to compete at IHSA Nationals. Each rider received an award from Back on Track.

Back on Track USA, the Therapeutic Product Choice of the IHSA, is committed to supporting equestrians as they reach their education goals.

"Bob (Cacchione) has been nice enough to invite me to participate in the award ceremony," said Ruder. "The excitement that the kids have, whether it's an award for 10th place or the first-place award, is as meaningful to each.

"At the end of the day, out of all the riders in the IHSA, the 400 that are here are already champions," he added. "You can just tell that based upon their behavior and enjoyment of the activities."

Recipients included:

Hanna Lloyd from Sacred Heart University

Chloe Bell-Thomson, Emily Gilbert and Casey Koochagian from Skidmore University

Michaela Edwards, Darrow Hornik, Kayla Ryan and Audrey Washington from Stanford University