Show Programs

Required Ad Slicks

Contracts with IHSA sponsors require that all regular IHSA show programs include the following Ad slicks:

USHJA/IHSA Partnership Logo - located somewhere on the FRONT cover

AQHA 2016- on the INSIDE of the BACK COVER

Weatherbeeta/Collegiate - updated 3/25/14 - on the OUTSIDE of the BACK COVER

Kask Ad Slick

Parlanti Ad Slick

USHJA Ad Slick

IHSA Short History

Remember that these sponsors are providing major support to the IHSA so it is very important that all show programs adhere to these policies.

All ads are available in the links above. The slicks are all pdf files which require Acrobat Reader to open and print. Click the logo below the menu on the left to install Acrobat Reader if you do not already have it.

Optionally, IHSA supports Ride for the Ribbon advertising in all show programs.

Other Program Requirements:
Rule 5404 - Programs

Programs shall contain:

A. Numbers 1- 3, 5 & 7 as listed for Prize List, 5401
B. A statement of prizes offered for each class.
C. An alphabetical list of exhibitors by school with their numbers and class sections entered.
D. The classes listed in order, with a numerical list of exhibitors in each class.
E. The tentative time schedule of classes.
F. Names of Show Stewards.
G. Date, Zone number and Region number printed on front cover.
H. printed on front cover