IHSA Merchandise

Exclusive Designer of the Official IHSA Show Shirt.

 Ride in comfort and style with innovative shirts designed by best friends Emily Thompson and Ellen Hart. Growing up riding horses together, they found that most equestrian attire had changed little since the 1800s. They were inspired to create a new line of equestrian attire to blend fashion and athletic functionality.

 Éce (meaning “eternal”, “everlasting”) knitted shirts are tailored in Manhattan. Made of breathable, machine washable Aerocool® fabric, our shirts are designed to keep you cool. They move with the rider for complete mobility on course while maintaining their tailored form. Elegant, whether worn under a jacket or on their own, Éce competition shirts are enjoyed by everyday riders and Olympians alike.

 Éce is passionate about college students having the opportunity to participate in horseshows regardless of financial status or riding level. With every purchase of an exclusive IHSA shirt by Éce, a $10 rebate will go back to the school. A portion of proceeds will also go toward the annual Captain Jack Fritz scholarship sponsored by Éce.

BESCO Awards announces their Back to School IHSA Fall 2012 promotion.

  • Your IHSA Equestrian team will receive a free shirt, jacket or vest with every order of 12 of the same item.
  • In ADDITION, BESCO will make a donation on every purchase for your team's IHSA region for awards.Your team gets to save money on their apparel and you get great awards for your regional show. Visit for more choices.
  • BESCO back to school 2012 info

From time to time the IHSA will have some logo merchandise available for direct sale to its members.

Initial offerings are IHSA Logo lapel pins and window decals. The lapel pins are red and blue with the horse in silver. The decals are also printed in red and blue. The pins are $5 each and the decals $3 each and may be paid for with a school or region check or with a money order. No personal checks will be accepted.

Below you will find a links to the order form and below is a picture of the decal. The lapel pins look like the logos on the decal.